Quality Assurance

Being an ISO 9001 certified company you can be assured of the highest level of technical expertise, quality products and services. Our dedicated staff will go to great lengths to provide you with the most effective solutions.

As our core business is load cell based electronic weighing, we constantly challenge the next level of efficiency, reliability and flexibility. A short period of downtime can be extremely expensive. DIZIMAX has taken this simple fact as the basis for developing a complete range of weighing machines & other valued products.. As a customer you can’t afford to take chance with anything.

Put Simply, when you want an enduring performance make sure you choose DIZIMAX. A reliable product when you really need it the most.

  • All of the models are approved by the Weights and Measures unit, Government of India as per the internationally recognized OIML Standard.
  • Final Q.C. inspection ensures every product to be error proof by our Q.C. department
  • Final Q.C. inspection ensures every product up to the quality standards set by our Q.C. department.

With more than seven years engineering innovations and lacks of users around the country. DIZIMAX provides a reliable solution for your applications ranging from micro to mega.

At DIZIMAX we employ globally acclaimed technologies and premium materials to manufacture our products, that live up to true international standards.

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